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Create a FREE online, customizable, and printable travel packing checklist for next trip by selecting from the largest list of items of any website or app!


We have groups of items of many different categories from the pre-trip preparation to clothing to electronics to specific trips such as business, ski, scuba diving, camping, golf, beach trips.  Our groups and items have been refined over many trips and with input and suggestions from our many users!

Also, we are the only (or one of the only) travel checklist websites to allow you to add YOUR OWN items to your list!  No list can have everything that YOU want to take on your trip.  With our list, you can add any item you want!

After building your list by selecting the groups and items you want to appear on your list, you can generate it and use it online or print it off for offline use.


Why Create a Custom Travel Packing Checklist?

There are many benefits to creating your own custom travel packing checklist prior to your trip.

  • More likely not to forget anything you will require - If you plan ahead by using our checklist, you will think through what you actually require on your trip and will be less likely to forget anything important!
  • Save Time - If you plan your trip out you will spend less time on your trip figuring out what to do and have more time to enjoy your trip!
  • Save Money -If you remember to bring everything you need, you will be less likely to have to purchase what you need at the high "tourist" prices!
  • Reduced Stress! - If you use our checklist to plan out your trip, you will definitely be less stressed out and your trip should go more smoothly than if you hadn't planned at all!
  • It's FREE! - There is nothing better than something that is FREE!  What have you got to lose, just try out our checklist!


Why Use Our Custom Travel Packing Checklist?

Our travel packing and preparation checklist is free, customizable, editable, and printable!  We allow you to add your own items to any group that will appear on your generated checklist.  So, this will make your list personalized.  You may not even need to add your own items because we have thousands of items...probably the most of ANY travel checklist!  So, if you are creating a holiday checklist, a vacation checklist, or a trip checklist, our checklist generator will fulfill your needs!



  • Tip#1: Create a simple checklist first - When creating your 1st ever checklist on our site, just select 1 group and a few items from that group and maybe 1 of your own custom items, then generate your checklist to see what you will get!  This will give you a feel for the process.  After you understand how our checklist generator works, then go back and create a new checklist with everything that you want on it!



The extra lines are "the MAIN thing your site has that is better than all other checklist sites.  The ONLY reason I have used this site and recommend it to everyone I know!!" - K T from USA


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Groups Descriptions

Travel Planning

These are travel planning checklist items such as checking for travel warnings, renewing your passport, and checking entry requirements for visas.  These items take a little bit more time to do and have a big impact on your trip so you would need to do them as soon as possible.

Pre-Trip Preparation

These are pre-trip preparation items that you would do prior to your trip such as putting your mail on hold, arranging for someone to look after your house or your pets.

Just Before You Leave

These are items that you would do in the day or so prior to your trip.  These are things such as throwing away any perishable food, setting up lights on timers, turning on your out of office on your email, watering your plants, take out your garbage, etc.

Identification and Paperwork

These are items related to identification and paperwork.  These include key items such as passports, birth certificate, travel insurance, cash, and credit cards.

Suitcases and Bags

These are suitcase and bags items.  These are items such as large suitcase, carry-on suitcas, toiletry bag, golf bag, and luggage cart.

Womens Clothes

These are Womens Clothes items such as fitted jackets, blouses, sweaters, jeans, skirts, etc.

Mens Clothes

These are Mens Clothes items such as t-shirts, sports jackets, pajamas, neck ties, shorts, jeans, etc.

Cold Weather Clothes

These are cold weather clothes items for when you take trips to cold weather destinations in the winter.  These items include scarfs, thermal underwear, knit cap, and gloves.


These are footwear items.  We have footwear items for all occasions such as walking shoes, dress shoes, high-heel shoes, cowboy boots, slippers, etc.


These are outerwear items.  Depending on the climate of where you are travelling to you will need different outerwear.  These include items such as parka, jacket, windbreaker, or hoodie.


These are swimwear items that you would take on your trip if you are going on a beach or go swimming.  These are items such as bathing suites, swim goggles, towels, etc.


These are headwear items.  Depending on where you are going will make you decide on what headwear to bring.  These are items such as baseball capes, knit caps, sun hats, and headband.


These are eyewear items.  Whether or not you need corrective lenses, you will probably have eyewear.  These are items such as eye glasses, contact lens, sun glasses, etc.

Bathroom Kit

These are items that you would bring as part of your bathroom kit.  This includes items such as soap, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, dental floss, toothbrush, hair brush, nail brush, hand lotion, etc.


These are jewelry items that you would consider bringing on your trip.  These are things such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches.


These are electronics items.  These are things such as your iPhone, phone charge, Android phone, tablet computer, iPad, laptop computer, flash drives, Kindle, etc.

Photography Equipment

These are photography items.  These are items that you would take if you are going to take photographs with something other than your camera.  This includes digital camera, memory cars, tripod, lenses, lens clothes, etc.

Medical Supplies

These are medical supply items.  These are items such as prescription medications, bandages, aspirin, ibuprofen, antacid, vitamins, sunscreen, wheelchair, etc.

Assorted Items

These are assorted items that you may want to take on your trip.  These are things such as pen, paper, laundry soap, umbrella, sewing kit, books, corkscrew, bible, etc.

Baby Stuff

These are items that you would take if you are travelling with a baby or young child.  These are items such as baby clothes, diapers, wipes, baby powder, bibs, diaper bag, baby wash, sippy cups, car seats, etc.

Business Travel

These are items related to business travel.  These are items such as briefcase, presentation materials, merchandise saples, business cards, laptop computer and cables, etc.

Running Wear

These are running wear items that you may want to take on your trip if you will be running or jogging.  These items include running shoes, running socks, sweat pants, running shorts, etc.

Sun Destinations

These are items that you may want to take with you if you are travelling to a sunny destination or going to the beach.  These items include things like beach towels, snorkel and mask, beach umbrella, drink cooler, beach mat, coverup, etc.

Ski Destinations

These are items that you may want to take with you if you are travelling to a ski resort or going skiing.  These items include things like skis, ski poles, ski tickets, helmet, ski jacket, ski pants, thermal underwear, etc.

Camping Supplies

These are items that you may want to take with you if you are going camping.  These items include things like sleeping bags, pillow, tent, cot, food, utensils, cooler, chairs, etc.

Golf Equipment

These are items that you may want to take with you if you are going golfing on your trip.  These items include golf clubs, golf bag, golf cart, golf balls, golf shoes, etc.

Scuba Diving Equipment

These are items that you may want to take with you if you are going scuba diving on your trip.  These items include mask, fins, booties, wetsuit, weights, BCD, air tanks, dive knife, etc.