Photography Travel Packing List Items

These are Photograpy Travel Packing List items that you may want to take on your trip.

These are photography travel packing list items that you may want to take on your trip.  Most people love to take photos on their trips.  It is a good way to remember a particular location or event.  Most common now is a point and shoot digital camera along with its SD memory cards or memory sticks, and batteries.  These are easy to use and they take great photos.  Some people are more advanced and will have a better camera and probably bring along some different lenses and maybe a tripod, and some lens cleaning clothes.  There are some old timer that still use 35mm film cameras.  These people may also bring an x-ray proof camera bag with them as well as extra film.  So, have a thought about what photography equipment you want to bring on your trip and select it for your travel packing list.

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