Assorted Travel Packing List Items

These are assorted Travel Packing List items that you may want to take on your trip.

These are assorted travel packing list items that you may want to take on your trip.  Some common travel items that people bring with them on trips are ear plugs, eye shades, neck pillow for on the airplane.  If you are going to be doing laundry on your trip, you could bring some laundry soap and a laundry bag.  Ziplock bags are very useful to hold things such as knick-knacks, spare change, snacks and wet clothes.  If you are going off the beaten path and may need to fend for yourself, a sewing kit, lighter, matches, headlamp, candles, flashlight, and duct tape are useful items.  To keep you entertained, you may want to bring magazines, books, playing cards, crib board, chess set, sporting equipment, and/or a musical instrument.  Our friend Chuck made us put corkscrew on the list because he always brings one when he goes on a cruise ship!  Some shoe items are a shoe shine kit and a shoehorn.  One final item, a water bottle, is very useful.  If you bring an empty water bottle in your carry on at an airport you can fill it with water from a water fountain.  We were recently in an airport and a small bottle of water was so expensive.  So, by bringing your own bottle and filling it from a water fountain can save you a lot of money!  So, these are assorted items that you may want to take on your trip and add to your travel packing list.

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