Just Before You Leave Travel Packing List Items

These are Travel Packing List items that you would do the day before or day that you leave on your trip.

These travel preparation items are ones that you would do the day prior or the day that you are leaving on your trip.  First, dealing with your home, you should do things such as setting up lights and radios on timers for security reasons.  Be sure to give your plants a good watering if you are leaving them unattended.  Don't forget your lawn; set up your sprinkler timers.  Lock up or hide any valuables.  This includes a backup of your computer files.  Unplug any appliances that you aren't going to be using while you are away.  This will lessen any fire hazard and may save you some money in electricity costs.  Definitely, don't forget to throw away any perishable food in your fridge and then take out the garbage.  Most airline let you confirm and check in via the Internet now.  This can save you time, especially if you aren't checking any luggage at the airport.  During this time, you would normally be packing.  You may have some last minute packing tasks to do, e.g. ironing clothes.  After packing, be sure to weigh you suitcase to ensure it is not over the limit of your airline.  Airlines charge a large fee for overweight luggage.  Check the web site of your airline to see their baggage weight limits.  Most airports require you to put all your carry-on liquids and gels into a 1 quart plastic bag.  Also, it is a good idea to take photos of your suitcase and its contents to use if your baggage is lost.  Finally, there are a bunch of tasks to be done immediately prior to leaving.  These include changing the messages on your home phone and answering machine and turning on out of office on your email.  Just before heading out the door, make sure to turn down the heat, turn your furnace to it's vacation setting, check that all faucets are turned off, turn the water heater to it's vacation setting, check that all the windows are closed and locked.  Don't forget to give a key to your neighbour if that is who you plan to have look after your home.  Now, get out of your home and head off on your trip!

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