Identification and Paperwork Travel Packing List Items

These are Travel Packing List items related to indentification and paperwork that you may require for your trip.

These are identification and paperwork travel packing list items.  The most important thing that you need when travelling is your identification.  If you are travelling internationally, you will need your passport.  Be sure that your passport is valid for the time you will be away and at least 6 months after your return.  Another thing to consider is to store you passport in a waterproof bag or pouch.  We recently were in Mexico and our passport got wet in a thunderstorm.  This caused the ink on the stamps to run a bit and the passport office considered our passport damaged!  We either had to declare it damaged which would have resulted in a black mark next to our name or wait until the passport expired and then renew it!  So, we would have been better off if we hadn't gotten our passport wet at all.  If you are travelling between the United States and Canada, a Nexus card can speed up your passage through the border.  If you are travelling within your own country, usually only a driver's license is enough identification to use.  A birth certificate or citizenship card these days is not as important a piece of identification as it was before, but they may be required depending on your travels.  Definitely, don't forget any visas that you obtained to travel to a foreign country or your trip will be very short!  If you are planning on driving in many foreign countries you will require an International Drivers License.  These can normally be obtained at your local automobile association, e.g. AAA, office.  The next most important items to pack on your trip are the monetary items.  In your wallet, you may require cash, foreign cash, travellers cheques, credit cards, and debit cards.  One thing that we learned on our travels is that it is good to have 2 credit cards and 2 debit cards and keeping them separate when travelling.  A few years ago, we were in Costa Rica and we were pickpocketed.  Luckily, we had 2 credit cards and id in separate locations on us so we only lost 1.  The second credit card allowed us to get a hotel room and regroup from our loss!  So, now when we travel we ALWAYS keep two sets of credit cards and id.  Once we are at our destination we lock one up in a safe and carry the other with us when we are out.  The next most important items are all your travel information and confirmation codes.  Be sure to take all your airline, bus, car rental and train tickets and confirmation codes, your travel itineraries, hotel confirmation codes, hotel transfers and all the confirmation codes for your tours, events, and activities.  Don't forget any membership cards that you used to get discounts, e.g. AAA/CAA membership cars, hotel reward cards, airline reward cards.  Also, don't forget a copy of your Travel Insurance and the phone numbers to call them if you need to use it!  If you are travelling with medications you may also require a note from your physician stating that you require all those medications.  Lately, we have been scanning all these travel items, especially our passport, and storing them online where we have access to them, in addition to carrying the hardcopies.  Most people have scanners now and can easily scan items.  Finally, some items that you may need to take are things such as maps, language books, guide books, Oxford/Franklin planner or organizers, address books, long distance phone cards, and a calendar.  These identification and paperwork items can make or break your trip.

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