Suitcases and Bags Travel Packing List Items

These are items related to suitcases and bags that you may require for your trip.

These travel packing list items are related to suitcases and bags.  One of the most important decisions that you will have to make about your trip is what suitcases and bags you are going to take.  Not only does your suitcase/bag decision impact what clothes you can take, now it also has a cost impact.  Most airlines now charge for each checked piece of luggage.  On top of that most airline charge a large extra fee if your bag is overweight according to their limits.  Weighing your luggage on a luggage scale after you have packed can save you a lot of money.  We weigh our suitcases on a person scale, but it is a bit awkward.  There are generally 2 types of people: People who like to check their luggage and People who will do whatever they can to carry on all their luggage.  I believe this is a personal decision and is impacted by the type and length of trip.  For longer trips, you will generally need a large suitcase.  For shorter trips, maybe a carry on suitcase will do.  Note that the airline carry on size of bag is different in Europe than it is in North America.  It is smaller in Europe so your North American carry on will have to be checked when travelling in Europe.  You may not like suitcases and just use a duffel bag.  Duffel bags are usually larger so be careful not to go over the weight limit.  Many people will check a suitcase and take a pack sack as their carry on.  This works well if you will require a day pack at your destination.  You may want to use luggage locks on your luggage.  These should be TSA approved, i.e. have the hole in the bottom that allows them to be opened with a TSA key.  We find that luggage locks aren't really effective, but give some piece of mind that you bag wasn't tampered with.  There are videos on YouTube showing people how to open and reclose a zippered bag without opening the lock.  When travelling in foreign countries, we usually recommend people use a money belt.  There are many different types, but we prefer the waist or under the shirt money belts.  We also swear by our PacSafe security pouch.  We frequently rent apartments for longer stays and they don't usually have safes.  So, the PacSafe is a great alternative to leaving valuable totally unsecure.  We also swear by our waterproof money belt.  These are hard to find, but great when travelling to beach destinations.  Most people will have a small toiletry bag to put their toiletries in.  These usually have a waterproof liner, but we recommend putting items into clear ziplock bags to prevent spilling.  We had the situation once where our shampoo leaked out onto our suit in our suitcase the day before a big meeting.  A very popular thing these days is to use compression bags when packing.  We find that we are overweight if we use compression bags so we don't use them, but we know many people who swear by them.  If you are travelling with your pets, golf clubs, or bicycles there are specific travel cases that you can purchase.  So, as you can see the decision of what suitcase and bag items you take is a very important decision to make for your trip.

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