Womens Clothes Travel Packing List Items

These are women's clothing travel packing list items that you may require for your trip.  Also, check out our packing tip video at the bottom of this page!

Check out our YouTube Video on how to Pack Pants:

These are women's clothes travel packing list items.  It is usually a difficult decision on what to take on a trip,  We usually like to think about what we will be doing on our trip and this usually helps us with what we will need to pack.  For example, if we are going to be going out for fancy dinners, then we need to have a few fancy outfits for these dinners.  Maybe a formal dress or two, and or a cocktail dress or two would do.  Usually cocktail dresses are smaller than formal dresses so we could pack more of them.  If we are on a business trip, maybe we need to take some fitted jackets and formal blouses.  If we are going to a beach destination, then maybe we could just take some casual blouses, t-shirts and shorts.  After we have picked the key items that we really want to take, we can bring items of similar colors so we can mix and match outfits.  For example if we have 3 blouses and 3 skirts we could make 6 different outfits!  If you accessorize with different belts, purses, shoes, scarves, etc., you can have many different looks!  If you are going to a cold weather destination, you may want to bring some sweaters or heavier clothing items.  Usually, you will want to bring a comfortable pair of pants or jeans to wear.  If you are going to be working out during your trip, be sure to bring some work out clothes, e.g. sweat pants, sports bra, t-shirts, yoga pants.  Of course, you will need your underwear.  Things such as bras, panties, lingerie, slips and pantyhose need to be packed.  Depending on whether you want to wash these underwear items, it will decide how many you want to take with you on your trip.  Watch our video (above) to see how to pack pants!  Giving some thought to what women's clothing items to pack will make your vacation less stressful!

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