Mens Clothes Travel Packing List Items

These are mens clothing travel packing list items that you may require for your trip.  Also, check out our packing tip video at the bottom of this page!

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These are men's clothes travel packing list items.  Men are notorious late packers.  We usually just throw things in our suitcase at the last moment.  However, it would really help to put a little thought into what we pack.  First, think about what we will be doing on the trip.  For example, if it is a business trip, then we will need to bring some suits, dress shirts, belts, ties, suspenders and dress socks.  If you bring 2 suits and 3 ties, you can mix and match to get 5 different looks!  If we are going on a non-business trip, we probably need a sports jacket, casual shirts, slacks, dress jeans or khaki pants, and casual socks.  If we are going to a beach resort, we will probably need shorts, t-shirts and no socks!  Also, a good hawaiian shirt is a good bet!  A good pair of jeans is a staple in any mans wardrobe so be sure to pack at least one pair.  We find that when travelling it is nice to have a handkerchiefs or bandana.  A good friend of ours, Jimmy, recently introduced us to a new way of thinking.  Jimmy always brings his oldest clothes, e.g. t-shirts, underwear, pants.  He uses them when he travels, but throws them away before he heads home.  He says that clothes have a shelf life and it is good to renew your wardrobe.  In many accounts he is correct.  Good clothes these days are relatively inexpensive.  We have seen Jimmy come with a full suitcase and leave with a nearly empty one.  This also gives him space in his suitcase for anything he bought on his trip.  Taking this a step further, recently we were in a 3rd world country.  Jimmy left before us and left many clothes.  We had the clothes washed and gave them away to poor people that we knew!  They were happy to receive the clothes!  So, it is important to plan what men's clothes you want to take and put on your travel packing list.

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