Outerwear Travel Packing List Items

These are outerwear Travel Packing List items that you may want to take on your trip.

These are outerwear travel packing list items that you may want to take on your trip.  The choice of outerwear is totally dependent on the weather of your destination and your home location.  For example, if you live in a snowy area and are travelling to a tropical destination, you still may want to bring your parka for travel from your home to the airport, but also bring a light wind breaker for use at your destination.  Obviously, the colder the destination, the thicker the outerwear you will want to bring.  For ski trips, you will probably want to bring your heavy parka.  For trips in the cooler fall, maybe just a medium jacket would do.  For tropical destinations, you probably still want to bring a wind breaker or water repellant jacket.  It still may get windy and it may rain heavily!  Hoodies are popular now and can be used as a warmth layer.  For cold weather destinations, it is a good idea to layer your jackets so that you don't get too warm or too cold.  To save space in your suitcase, many people wear their heaviest jackets onto the airplane instead of packing them.  We do this and also we use our jackets as blankets on the airplane.  Most airlines are charging now for blankets.  Why not just use your jacket as a blanket!  So, be sure to give some thought about the outerwear items that you will take and pack on your trip.

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