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Name Entry Field Enter a name for your checklist.  This name can be up to 40 characters long.  It will appear on your checklist when it is generated.  Entry into this field is optional.
Option: Generate the checklist with large text Click on the square to the left of the text to have your checklist generate with larger text so that it is easier to read.  This is optional.  If you do not select this option, the checklist will generate with regular size text.
with __ columns This option allows you to change the number of columns of the checklist that is generated.  Allowed values are 1,2, or 3.  This is optional.  If you do not change this option, the checklist will generate with 2 columns.
Option: Include an Other Section of __ blank lines This option allows for the generation of an 'Other' section at the end of your checklist.  An 'Other' section is just some blank lines so that you can write extra items on your checklist after it is printed.  Valid values are 1-99.  This is optional.  An 'Other' section will only be added if the checkbox for this option is checked.  If you do not modify this option, then an 'Other' section is NOT generated.
Generate Button Click this button to generate your checklist.  Your checklist will open in a new browser window.  Print out your checklist to your printer from this new window.  Currently, checklists cannot be saved.
Previous Button Click this button to return to the previous Group item selection page.
Start New Checklist Button Click this button to start a new checklist.  The Group selection page will open.  Note: All previous selections will be cleared.
Help Button Click this button to display the Options / Generate Help page (this page).

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